Thursday, January 24, 2013


Valentina's day is nearing and I wanted to add a little red in the house to decorate! I made this heart banner and heart wreath for a grand total of 3 bucks! Gotta love the dollar tree!!

An itch to stitch!

My big gift I got for Christmas was and is awesome! And the best thing is I didn't even ask for it! My parents got me an embroidery machine!!! I have tried to personalize anything I can get in a hoop. I have already set up a nice little craft table for it and all of its accessories. It has become addicting very fast!

Wrapping up my Christmas gifts

This is the last of my Christmas post, I'm ready to start sharing more about what's going on now! For the rest of the gifts, I made pillow cases, painted frames, painted canvases, made cute mason jar glasses, painted soup mugs, and made scarves (I don't have a picture of this for some odd reason). I loved every minute of crafting my gifts for others! It allowed me to make every gift personal.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas in a jar

I had a few jars laying around the house that I wanted to use as part of my homemade Christmas. I spray painted the lids to cover up the old labels and added a cute bow to personalize them. Now what did I fill them with? I found a yummy cookie recipe on Pinterest called holiday cookies. This recipe was the perfect amount to fit in the quart size jars I had recycled. I attached a little label with the cooking instructions inside. Here is the link where you can get the recipe:
While I was browsing on the website I found another great recipe I could use but needed bigger jars, so off to hobby lobby I went. I used contact paper to adhere to the jar to write down the cooking instructions. This way they can peel off and reuse the jar. This makes a delicious sweet treat. Here is the recipe link for the yummy chocolate chip oatmeal bread:
These both made thoughtful gifts for my family as well as Tim's.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A little bit of Christmas cheer...more to follow

For Christmas this year, I decided to make everyone's presents. This allowed me to show my creative side while saving some money! First was the decision on WHAT I was going to make off to pinterest I went for some ideas. I found a few good pins to start me off. This first project I did was making a homemade sugar scrub for all of my lady friends.

 What I used: 2 cups sugar, 1 cup liquid glycerin, and a few drops of sweet pea oil for a good smell. All you do is mix it all together and wahlah, homemade sugar scrub! Then to personalize, I hot glued little labels to the front that I made from scrapbook paper.
        A little twine for some decoration

 Here are all of them together.
This is just one of the projects I did, I have several more to follow!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Well hello blog world!

Whoa, I have missed  this! I am finally able to get back in the swing of things and start blogging again :) I have lots and lots to share! Although I have skipped on the blogging, I still took pictures of everything! Within this next week I will post all about my homemade Christmas, my NEW Christmas gift, some furniture I made over, update on wedding details, and a few recipes I have tried. Can't wait to share all of it!