Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas in a jar

I had a few jars laying around the house that I wanted to use as part of my homemade Christmas. I spray painted the lids to cover up the old labels and added a cute bow to personalize them. Now what did I fill them with? I found a yummy cookie recipe on Pinterest called holiday cookies. This recipe was the perfect amount to fit in the quart size jars I had recycled. I attached a little label with the cooking instructions inside. Here is the link where you can get the recipe:
While I was browsing on the website I found another great recipe I could use but needed bigger jars, so off to hobby lobby I went. I used contact paper to adhere to the jar to write down the cooking instructions. This way they can peel off and reuse the jar. This makes a delicious sweet treat. Here is the recipe link for the yummy chocolate chip oatmeal bread:
These both made thoughtful gifts for my family as well as Tim's.

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