Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A little bit of Christmas cheer...more to follow

For Christmas this year, I decided to make everyone's presents. This allowed me to show my creative side while saving some money! First was the decision on WHAT I was going to make off to pinterest I went for some ideas. I found a few good pins to start me off. This first project I did was making a homemade sugar scrub for all of my lady friends.

 What I used: 2 cups sugar, 1 cup liquid glycerin, and a few drops of sweet pea oil for a good smell. All you do is mix it all together and wahlah, homemade sugar scrub! Then to personalize, I hot glued little labels to the front that I made from scrapbook paper.
        A little twine for some decoration

 Here are all of them together.
This is just one of the projects I did, I have several more to follow!


  1. where did you find liquid glycerin? I know this sounds crazy but I have heard if you put it in your dog's water outside it won't freeze. My poor German shepherd's water is always frozen!