Thursday, July 25, 2013

Decor on a budget

So I had Tim print off the pictures that I posted on "Pop of color" at work and headed to the Dollar tree to get some frames. A $1 for a frame is a plus on any budget! I got 3 frames for the kitchen artwork, they were all black and I was planning on spray painting them white, but I decided I liked them as is.
Especially since my walls are already white! Total $3.00
In our master bath, I hung the next picture. I used a frame we already had lying around the house, so it cost nothing to add some color in there.
It matches our shower curtain perfect!
The next project, I glued to a sheet of scrapbook paper that I had. I headed to hobby lobby and grabbed a 12x12 frame using my 40% off coupon which totaled to $3.64
I can't wait to add so more touches to our place.
This is a project I worked on last week, I forgot to take during pics

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  1. I love them and good call on leaving the frames black. I think they look really good that way. And also... I think you should post some wedding picture on your blog, I have yet to see any ;)