Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Twenty four

Oh school has gotten the best of me and has left me with no time to blog! This post is oh about 20 days overdue, but oh well. My birthday was September 7, I turned 24. It happen to land on a Friday this year which meant I got to spend the day with my family, Tim, and my dear friends. I started the morning off by having class and getting my first gift of the day, a Victoria's Secret gift card from Becca :). After class I headed straight for Memphis! I went to Tim's house when he got off, he decorated his house for my birthday...check the pics out. He got my some new paint stuff, I love to paint that is when I actually have time. My parents gave me money, a new camera lens(that's awesome), some bath and bodyworks soap and lotion and a pair of closed toe black pumps! Bailey got me a cute accessory for my car, I love's even personalized with my wedding initials. Brandon gave me gift cards for express and old navy, he really knows how to treat his sister. Sweet Heather got me a nude belt that I have been in desperate need for and nude closed toe pumps. Grandma got me a cute dress and some cash! My Amanda made some awesome looking cupcakes for my birthday, they were so yummy. i loved spending the giftcard she gave me. Momma also made me a chocolate cake and topped it with fresh strawberries. Kirbi have me a beautiful hanger for my wedding! I absolutely love it and will post a picture of it later. I am blessed with such amazing people in my life and thankful for the years that God has given me.

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