Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Personalizing some wood

I went on a creative spree this past week. I made my bridesmaids personalized gifts, sewed something blue for my wedding, and painted some wood. I will post about the other two later. I decided to make good use of some scrap wood in my backyard. I gathered 4 pieces of 2x4s and nailed them together. I sanded the edges and gently went over where i was going to paint to get off any loose pieces. Since I was painting on wood, I wanted to make it look rustic. I started by painting and slowly thinning it with water. After it dried, I sanded over a few places that I felt were too dark. After I was satisfied with the background I picked a bible verse that I thought would be good inspiration to read everyday since I was hanging this in my apartment at school. I get so busy at school, that sometimes I just need to be still and KNOW that GOD has got this. I painted the verse and decided it needed a little something extra to complete it. I picked a bird on a branch because when I think of birds, I think of calmness and stillness. I hope you like it :) 
 Nailing the boards onto a homemade frame
 Ready for some paint
Background done
Ta-da all done  

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  1. Love it!! You did an awesome job drawing that bird. Mine would have been pitiful. That's one of my favorite verses!