Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Face lift for my cabinet doors

So during the process of making my entry hall table I gained two cabinet doors that had no place. I have seen awesome things in the past on Pinterest, so I did a quick search for some ideas. I knew I wanted to hang these above my craft table so I was looking for something that maybe I could use as a cork board or something of the sort. I started by painting them the same color as the chevron stripes from the entry table. I then sanded and did some light distressing on them. I used some left over burlap from my wedding decor to cover the cork roll I got from Hobby Lobby. I wanted something I could hang my scissors from for easy access, so back to Hobby Lobby I went for some furniture knobs.
 I glued the burlap to the cork using adhesive spray and then hot glued to cabinet door
 Holes drilled and knobs installed
 I added clips to the top one to hang pics from and Heather made me a bow to cover the hole from where the knob use to be.

 It is perfect for the space and looks Pinterest worthy to me!

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  1. I love this idea and that light blue color is so pretty.