Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our grown up headboard

I have been wanting a headboard for our bedroom for way too long, however my taste is a bit on the pricey side so of course I had to be creative. I went to the trusty Pinterest to see if I saw any styles that I liked, one actually had a tutorial with it. I based my design on the one here, http://www.design-aholic.blogspot.com/2009/09/afternoon-headboard.html. With the help of Heather and my brother I was able to make mine for under $30! I found my fabric in the remnant section of Hancock for only $10 for 2 yards, which was exactly how much I needed. The initial frame was given to me by a sweet lady I met off of Facebook. Brandon added some plywood and a few 2x4s for added support. My friend Jessica helped me cover it. The nailhead was super easy, I bought the trim kind where only every fifth hole is an actual nailhead. Heather helped me with trying to keep it straight.

 I used the foam that came with the frame when I first got it and it worked perfect

All done and I love it! Thanks for everyone's help!

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