Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home away from home

This past week I was able to move in to my apartment at school right before I got to go on vacay to the beach(I will post about that later).  My dear friend Kirbi helped get me moved in and came along to entertain me for what seems to be the most boring drive EVER! Heather and Brandon helped with the last few items today! I love decorating and since this is my last year at school I decided there was no point in wasting money on something I would only use at school, so I picked out things that would work for when Tim and I get married :). I got great deals on everything, and if you know me well then that doesn't come at any surprise. My duvet cover was possible the best deal. I snagged that baby at Potterybarn outlet for only 27 bucks! I was shopping with Amanda when I came across it and was like man this is a steal, she could not believe it either. Not to mention you can still buy it at regular price online for over 100 bucks. All of my throw pillows came from Ross for under 20 bucks. I also found my bath accessories at Ross, love that store! My beautiful shower curtain is from a very addicting store....Target. I found all of the towels at the new Home Goods store, maybe one of my favorite boredom stores. 
 My walls need some pictures hanged on them.
 I still need to find some shams, but this will do for now.

I need to hang this cross, but missing a hammer and nails right now. That soap dispenser and toothbrush holder was a whole $3 :)

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