Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ruffled camera strap cover

This post is a little late, but I was keeping it a secret because it was a gift for a very good friend. Today I finally got to give Kirbi her happy :) On Friday after work I had some extra time to kill since Tim was working, so what else better to do than craft. I just got a new camera and decided I wanted a cute camera strap. Kirbi has been so helpful through my engagement and is always giving. She took my engagement pics and let me borrow her camera to take Heather's senior pics, so i decided why not make her a cute camera strap cover. I went through my fabric to see if I had any scraps that would fit Kirbi's personality, and sure enough I did. I went and got my sewing maching out with my scissors, and my measuring tape. 

 I still had Kirbi's camera from borrowing it so I measured her camera strap to determine how long and wide I need to cut the fabric. It was almost 27 inches long so I cut 27 1/2 and a little over 1 1/2 inches wide.

 After cutting the pieces I sewed the ends of my base fabric to keep them from fraying.
 All done with that step
 After I sewed the ends I got out my iron to smooth out the fabric that I had folded in half.
 This is the ruffle I made, my first ever ruffle I made :) I did it by setting by tension to the highest setting and my thread length to the longest setting and just sewed right down the middle, but before I did that I hemmed the ends and both sides.
 Now that the ruffle was done I could attach it to my base fabric. I centered on one side and sewed right down the middle. This is why the fabric needed to be iron.
 After applying the ruffle its time to sew this cover inside out to make a nice clean edge.Make sure all the ruffle pieces are out of the way.
 Then flip it inside out.
  And wallah!  My first camera strap cover :)

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  1. Very very very cute!! What a sweet friend you are!! I used to make ruffles the hard way and then discovered the tension trick you used and man it makes it a lot easier. I love anything with ruffles!!