Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good happenings

New car....Check

I got a brand new 2012 Honda Accord!!!! Yippee. I love it, sooo pretty. Rides so smooth. I'm thinking Betsy for her name?!?

Venue for reception....Check  Deposit made!! So excited to have this out of the way and love the place we picked!

Checklist for nursing school complete....Check They make you do an obnoxious checklist every year. Drug test, tb skin test, etc. Just a bunch of running around!

Took Heather's senior pics....Check She looks so pretty in all of them. Thanks so much to Kirbi for letting us use her nice camera. Heather is such a sweetheart, she bought me a thank you gift for doing her pictures. It is a Scout bag, perfect for my upcoming trip to the beach. 

 She wrapped it so pretty!
 I love yellow. 

1 comment:

  1. Love your new car!! I am sold on hondas and doubt I'll ever buy another kind again. Yay on the reception site! Can't wait to hear where it is. Beautiful job on the senior pics! She's so gorgeous!!
    Btw my fave color is yellow!! Such a happy color!