Saturday, July 14, 2012

Letting go is good for the soul

I have spent my entire Saturday in the house due to the yucky weather outside. I started out the morning being lazy, then decided "Hey its a good day to tackle those clothes I don't wear anymore". So I got up and headed to my closet with a laundry basket and started going through my dresser drawers and throwing things out, before I knew it the basket was full. Next, I went to the hanging things and decided I needed another basket. I looked up at my purse racked and saw plenty of items collecting dust, so why not make room for new ones :). After the cleaning of my closet, I took a much needed lunch break. While I was eating lunch, I was thinking why not just go through my whole room, so that's just what I did. I have cleaned my closet, my room and under my bed. Next, I am going to go through my winter tote. I feel so good uncluttering my drawers and my closet. I found things with the tags still on them and things I forgot I had, looks like I can make some new outfits out of old ones :).I think I need to have a yard sale now with all of the things that I don't need. 
What's in your closet that you haven't worn in a while?


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    1. You're my first comment!! Yay! And you can look through them and see what ya like :)

  2. Girl you need to put things on eBay! I put so many things on eBay and make tons of money. I sold 12 of Adeline's used cloth diapers and made over $100!!!! People will buy anything and you will get more for it then you do at a yard sale. Just a tip!! Oh and YAY for you blogging again!

    1. Yea I sell some things here and there on ebay, but it is just so much stuff! I might put some of the newer items on there. Yes I am so exciting to be blogging again! Thanks for the feedback :)